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About Us

Consultancy company with a difference

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Our Story

SAF Directions (Limited) formed in 2018 to provide a new way of consultancy. After over a decade of working in numerous sectors including education, utilities, housing and automotive, we found that consultants were very similar in their approach, things would not always be delivered on time or to specification and high costs were normally incurred.

We haven't reinvented the consultancy wheel but instead we come at it from a different angle. An angle that puts our clients first and we want to be there to support you along the way. We provide an open, honest and transparent service that is committed to helping you achieve your business goals and overcome any challenges.

Our Vision, Mission and Values


To build an organisation that can guide our customers towards a better future by sharing our knowledge and wisdom using our core values.


To work with our customers to create a simple and successful future.


Collaboration: Working together to leverage individual strengths to achieve the common goals and objectives

Integrity: Do what you say, do the right thing and promote trust and respect

Passion: Dedication to our mission, customers, our company, each other and building positive relationships through excellent service.

Recognition: Give and receive acknowledgement for a job well done.

Transparency: Openly communicating and listening to set reasonable expectations to achieve the best outcome.

Our Commitment

Coaching & Mentoring

We are more than happy to coach and mentor young professionals just starting out.

1% Pledge

1% of all our profits will go to charity and this will grow as we grow as a business.


Need a hand with a fundraising event? Get in touch and see if our team can help.